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Who is National Logistics Institute?

National Logistics Institute is a training organisation that meets the needs of the logistics industry. We come under the larger umbrella of National Food Institute, and we deliver nationally accredited training.

Our parent brand, National Food Institute, has developed a strong reputation as a leading training provider relating to food processing, business, and horticulture. With our subset brand, National Logistics Institute, we build upon this strong foundation of experience in education and training, applying it to areas like warehousing, transport and logistics, and drivers’ operations.

We have already helped countless logistics companies to address their training needs successfully. Why not choose National Logistics Institute, with our sound background in training, to assist you as well?

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Train your employees with National Logistics Institute

  • Improve staff retention

    Improve staff retention

    When you invest in your employees, they feel valued by their company and are less likely to go elsewhere.

  • Attract better candidates

    Attract better candidates

    If you say that there is on-the-job training, you can attract better candidates to your job openings for a stronger team.

  • Meet your objectives

    Meet your objectives faster

    With a fully trained team, you can get to your goals more quickly, as trained workers are very efficient.

Registered Training Organisation providing quality training and assessment

Suppose you are an HR manager, a logistics manager, a site manager, or even a CEO or MD of a logistics company. In that case, you need to know about the capabilities we offer for training at National Logistics Institute.

When you glance at our course brochures, you will see the detail and depth we go with our training. It’s very comprehensive and sets your employees up for success from the first day.

We know this industry, and that’s how we can deliver the proper training to the right organisations, helping you ensure that your people are up to speed in all their logistics training requirements.

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Our workplace training solutions

  • Career growth

    Minimal Impact

    Our workplace based training causes minimal impact to production and incorporates employer standards and systems.

  • Experience matters

    Flexible Delivery

    We can provide multiple training methods to meet your business needs including online delivery of units.

  • Relevant training

    Government Funding

    Gain access to government funded training for eligible individuals and employer incentives.

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